Henryetta – Better quality and more flexibility for your AI training AI training advances to the next level with the life-like training model cow “Henryetta”. This revolutionary concept offers unique training opportunities and provides more flexibility around the timing and location of your AI courses. The number of inseminations performed […]

In 2017, game developer Ubisoft launched an initiative to use AI and machine learning to understand the written language of the Pharaohs. The initiative brought researchers from Australia’s Macquarie University and Google’s Art and Culture division together. Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphs over four millennia ago to engrave and record their […]

IoT deployment is diversifying from consumer-based applications such as smart home devices and wearables to mission-critical applications in the areas of public safety, emergency response, industrial automation, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). As these mission-critical applications proliferate, engineers and designers must address important design and test […]

ARPANET – the very early years of the Internet had started in the late 1960’s, with just four locations. By 1973, ARPANET had expanded to a small handful of government labs, research universities, and private companies — but still so few that the entire network could be mapped on a […]

The Top 9 Industrial IoT use cases Asset tracking and monitoring Automation of manual processes Predictive maintenance Improving safety and security Buildings: energy efficiency and/or automation Enhanced customer engagement and customer satisfaction Data intelligence to do strategic planning Transforming from a product based model to services based model for customers […]