The Top 9 Industrial IoT use cases Asset tracking and monitoring Automation of manual processes Predictive maintenance Improving safety and security Buildings: energy efficiency and/or automation Enhanced customer engagement and customer satisfaction Data intelligence to do strategic planning Transforming from a product based model to services based model for customers […]

 For Telecom companies IoT is a blessing in Disguise Mobile operators around the world is seeing decreasing revenue and increasing competition.Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) margin has been down from 25% to 17% and  the markets are getting saturated (Singapore has 150% mobile peneration). The traditional revenue […]

The Real Risks of AI  The risks of AI often bark up the wrong tree and tend to be misleading.Basic misunderstandings of what AI is and isn’t are also creating unnecessary fear, and those fears in turn stifle adoption. We potentially make our worst case scenario more likely, not less,  by running […]

The Insecurity of the Internet of Things (IoT) The IoT is primarily composed of commonly used devices such as Home routers, DVRs, and internet-connected cameras. Many people picture smart thermostats and virtual assistants that will respond to voice commands, IoT streets are buzzing with the new breed of innovations that’ll […]

Neural Network Software to Gain Higher Traction with Rise in Applications Neural network software with technological advancements in data analysis is witnessing robust adoption, benefitting several enterprises in terms of time & cost reduction.  Neural network software enables enterprises to assess risks and detect fraud associated with their business applications. […]

Machine learning technique offers insight into plasma behavior Machine learning researchers determine the tokamaks, it is defined as, if two processes are causally linked without revealing how, could help stabilize the plasma within doughnut-shaped fusion devices. Machine learning can facilitate the avoidance of disruptions  off-normal events in tokamak plasmas that […]

Marconi’s experiment and invention in the field of wireless radio communication over several decades ago to improvements in wireless radio till now has led to connecting over 6 billion mobile subscribers in the world today while enabling data to be sent from deep space such as from Pluto and Voyager Space […]

The Internet of things hype everyone would be skeptical that the reality could ever deliver what is promised. We all have by now would have heard how GE is collecting Terabytes of data for each flight and now wished to sell engine service contracts instead of engines itself. This opportunity arises […]

Google ventures into one of the biggest cloud-computing needs for the evolving IoT domain with a service that will manage IoT devices and gather the data they generate into applications that can use Google’s other services on its cloud platform. The new IoT service will make it easier for customers to upload large amounts […]